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Legal Advice


Our firm has a team of diligent criminal lawyers with extensive experience handling diverse criminal cases. They extend impeccable support towards safeguarding your legal entitlements throughout the entire course of your case. Whether you require assistance with anticipatory bail, procuring of regular bail, require representation for an appeal following conviction, or to nullify an FIR, rest assured that our top-rated lawyers are at your disposal.


The Justice In You team displays considerable expertise in managing various civil matters and disputes, including but not limited to a breach of contract, specific performance, injunctions, damages, injury to person and property, enforcement of wills and trusts, professional negligence, and defamation. The firm has exhibited considerable proficiency in advocating for clients in arduous litigation procedures and matters about intricate legal complexities.


Justice In You provides specialized family law attorneys who can assist you with divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, alimony or maintenance disputes, and conflicts arising from familial disagreements. We adopt a solution-focused approach for our clients, aiming to identify and implement a legal remedy to effectively address challenges.


The legal professionals affiliated with Justice In You have successfully counseled on diverse and complex matters in the real estate sector. The company has legal experts in the real estate field to address its clientele's diverse needs in matters pertaining to legal and business operations. They possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in guiding various sectors, such as estate builders, monetary organizations, investment funds, renters, tenants, and purchasers.


The corporate practice area is a significant focus for Justice In You, encompassing primarily legal advice and transactional services. This includes guidance on routine business matters, compliance concerns, and matters concerning corporate and governmental affairs. The firm is armed with an extensive network of resources and a profound understanding of the industry, making it the prime choice for businesses requiring legal advice and advocacy in agreements and conflicts.

Intellectual Property

At Justice In You, this practice area has had significant effectiveness and success in its implementation. The IPR attorneys provide innovative solutions to meet the legal needs of various individuals and organizations both domestically and internationally. Their extensive expertise across diverse domains of intellectual property areas includes safeguarding their creative output, patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain names, logos, and more.


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